Build Your Credit

From secure credit cards to primary tradelines Shark Credit Repair offers a number of services to help with building your credit. From secure credit cards to primary tradelines.

Credit Builder Card

​​By enrolling through the Shark Credit Repair sponsored profile all your processing fees are waived on your deposit to open your Credit Builder Card!

Get A Fast Reporting Card to All 3 Bureaus!



Transform Your Life With Strong Credit and Savings

Credit Strong helps you build credit as you grow savings.

Choose the plan that works for you

Build credit by saving each month, cancel at any time

Make payments & track your progress

We provide your monthly FICO® Score, for free

Unlock your savings

Once your loan is repaid, your savings are returned


Self Lender

Self Lender is a free credit score monitoring system that allows their members to open a Credit Builder Account. A Credit Builder Account is a low cost loan that you essentially make to yourself that allows you to build savings and your credit. Even better, Self Lender does not require a credit check.


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